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GMiner now out preforms t-rex

Hey guys, try the gminer 2.64, all my cards now run very slightly higher mh/s vs t-rex

How do you measure it ? By the reported hashrate or from the pool ?

The live mh/s shown by the miners in hiveshell. It’s very slight difference, but I was using gminer already for my amd cards. Along with T-rex randomly restarting every 5-10 hours. The updated gminer seems to be a better choice for me.

which cards do you have? did you notice if GMiner is consuming RAM over time with AMD cards?

Sorry, but only pool report can tell you the truth.

But still, to invastigate.

I tried to switch my 3080 rig from T-Rex to GMiner.
Hashrate passed from 97.20 to 97.25
Not a bit deal but dev fees on GMiner are lower than T-Rex.
I’ll check how the rig will perform in the next days.

P.S. Do you know if GMiner contest is still open?

The contest has completed. I still run the --contest just incase there is another round and I miss it.
I run two reference 6800’s been running them for months on gminer. I don’t have the system ram consumption problem that other’s have reported with gminer.

gminer same share Trex just gminer: 0.65% fee and trex 1%

Try gminer 2.60 is better, many share,

1 farm with 2.60 i have 755 shares
1 farm with 2.64 i have 668 shares
Same pool

I don’t have two farms, but I tried gminer version 2.60 vs 2.64 each for 24 hours
Version 2.60 I got 6705 shares
Version 2.64 i got 7063 shares

i confirm with upgrade driver better hashrate and share

NVidia: 470.63.0
Gminer 2.64

Anyone else notice Gminer stuck at Diff: 4.294G and is no longer adjusting up and down? It’s been like this for 2 days now. I tried different version and restarting but nothing changes. What sticks out to me as odd is I don’t think I have ever seen this difficulty range before, typically it’s 1.5G, 2.5G, 5G, 10G

I have the same issue… I already saw that number of shares were less after a reboot

I think it’s HiveOn Pool. What pool are you using.

Also hive pool.

I changed to trex for a couple of hours. But the amount of shares kept the same

Got a response back from Hive OS Bee, thought I would share.


:arrows_counterclockwise: Hiveon Ethereum Pool News :uk:

:rocket: We’ve upgraded the Hiveon ETH pool infrastructure.

In order to achieve the best possible results, we’re temporarily assessing a fixed (static) target difficulty as opposed to the normal vardiff you’ve all grown accustomed to.

:gear: The static difficulty is currently set to 4295MH (1.000). We have selected this value after analyzing pools with 10TH/s hashrate capacity and higher. Most pools have the same or higher target difficulty set.

:construction_worker_man: This, by no means, negatively impacts your mining profits, since Hiveon pays you for every share sent based on target difficulty. Less shares at higher difficulty is pretty much equal to higher share count at lower difficulty.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: The initial results are — although fairly short-term as of right now — very promising. We will continue monitor, assess and fine-tune as needed to achieve the best possible results for our miners.

Do note that as mentioned above, the current changes to the target difficulty are temporary while we continue to test and analyze results. We will make an additional announcements after we’ve concluded our tests

Alex Slash

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