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Gminer Memory TEMP on nvidia not showing

The last update of Gminer says that it shows the temperature of the memories in nvidia, I am using it and it does not show me anything

0.6-213@220313 2022-03-13

GMiner v2.88 (Added support for display memory temperature under Linux for Nvidia GPUs with GDDR6X memory)

Review the GMiner documentation for how to read the data collected. It is not integrated into HiveOS.

Did look for it at GMiner: Command Line Arguments and Options I couldn’t find anything on the subject

It’s in their web interface at a minimum, if not even on their miner interface accessed via one of the shells.

Either way, it is a GMiner implementation vs HiveOS.

Guys will they eventually manage to read GDDR6 mem temps as well or they are going to give this feature only to GDDR6X cards?

gminer found my 3080’s but not all 3060’s.
Now I can see that I am hitting 90 degrees on the 3080’s on the mem temps :frowning:

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