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Gigabyte rtx 3080 vision hashrate 83mhz :(

Hello all,

I attached my new card and after the run, the hashrate is ~98mhz

and after few minutes the hashrate decrease to be <83mhz
Also, I tried many oc settings, and every time the hashrate goes down

the card is new and this the first hours…

what is the solution, please :’(

Do you have aftermarket cooling? I bet you that your GDDR6X is getting super hot and its heat throttling

I set my fans at 80%, reduced power to 60% (195 W) and set no overclocks in core or memory and I am getting 84 - 86 mh/s on average.

Good news and bad news. It is thermal throttling due to uber hot gddr6 mem that Gigabutt did not account for with quality thermal pads. You’ll have to replace the thermal pads on the front and add some between pcb and backplate. The good news is it can be fixed. I’ll be posting a step by step video in a week. Until then, the link below will help in your next steps.

Hello Ista,
I have the same problem like you with the same RTX3080. Did you find the reason AND the solution ?
Thank you for your help

My settings

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I bet is a cooling issue 83 Mhs not bad. the max is aroun 90 right?

i ordered some cooling pads they arrive tomorrow for my 3090 that i am currently getting 112… hope to get to 120 Mhs once i mod them… make sure they are well ventilated.

How many days has it been running stably?

with Coolers 24v in front (4 for 5 graphic cards) 1 month

I have read in other posts that you DO NOT need to replace thermal pads. It is a question of the BIOS of the card. You would need to try to flash it at your own risk!.

Is a nest of threads: You want to go directly:

If you want to read the story… and from there there is another reddit link.

Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out! I can say from 100% experience using multiple Gigabyte 3080s, the Gigabytes will definitely thermal throttle due to memory heat and very poor stock thermal pads. We are talking a nearly 10 M/hs difference once replaced. I can’t speak to any other brand so I think it is worth a look. Changing the Bios doesn’t prevent the memory from overheating, in fact, it just disables throttling as I understand it. It is a major long term gamble, but worth testing!

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Good to know @TheDude , Thanks for sharing. I will also try it. See where it gets us.

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