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Gigabyte Gaming RTX3090 94 Mh and 270 W blocked


This is my first experience to mining and I have a minor issue. Here is my setup:

  • Motherboard: H110 Pro BTC+ ASRock (P1.60 03/23/2018)
  • CPU: 4 × Intel® Core™ i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz AES
  • Disk Model: ATA Corsair Force GS 128GB
  • System type: linux
  • Kernel: 5.4.0-hiveos #140
  • On my rig, I only have 1 GPU

I setup the Bios as described in the documentation and I setup the OC of the Gigabyte Gaming RTX 3090 as followed:

  • Fan : 90
  • Core: -300
  • Mem: 2000
  • PL: 300

My temp is at 44 Celcius.

My issue I can not get over the 94Mh and 270w. I tried different settings but no luck.

I’m mining ETH on ethermine and the miner is T-Rex Miner.

Many thanks for your help to see how I can get at this maximun 120MH


Try -200 2400 to 2600 pl should be 300 to 315

I have tried with different scenario:

-200 2400 300
-200 2500 310
-200 2600 315

With all the 3, I’m around at 93MH and 264 W

Forget to mention that my Power Supply is a EVGA 1000 G5.

I never see my Watt increase.


My first thought would be thermal throttling. But i disregarded it because you said your temp was at 40. But just realized that is your cpu tem(gpu). what makes it throttle is the mem temps. So even though you have a waterblock. That is not cooling the memory. Most 3090’s need to have the thermal pads changed and some added to the back plate. (all assuming)
I would first get some more air flow on the card, fans etc. see if that changes the temp, and raises the mh. Next step would be to do the Pads…
do let me know im supper curious now lol…

1200 CORE
3000 MEM
320 PL
90% Fan
126,8 MH

I installed the rig in a very small room and I put my home AC at very high, I was able to cool down the card at 38 degrees.

This is the result with this config:

  • Fan : 100
  • Core: -200
  • Mem: 2400
  • PL: 315

Card is at 38 degres = 112MH and 295 W.

PS: I tried with the newwes config same result.

After changing the thermal past 122MH :wink:

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