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Gigabyte B250-Fintech is not booting HiveOS from USB, Win10 is OK

Hi guys, my HiveOS USB Stick is not booting with the mentioned motherboard. But when I try a windows bootable USB stick, everything is fine.

Anyone aware of that problem?

I have the same problem as you.

Got it running. you need to read the post about booting problems:

Can you maybe tell us what you did to fix it specifically? That post has not helped and I have the same motherboard and same issue.

HiveOS does not boot in UEFI mode which by default on BIOS
A few universal steps to fix it

  • Enable CSM support
  • Enable Boot Control - Legacy or enable legacy boot from USB
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Так что решили проблему ?
Как на этой материнке запустить хайву ?

[quote=“richnwa;1635”]Так что решили проблему ?
Как на этой материнке запустить хайву ?[/quote]
Написали же, надо отключить Secure Boot, включить CSM и тип загрузки выбрать Legacy (или Авто, если есть).

With gigabyte and biostar all that needs done in bios is set CSM on…change nothing else and it will boot to usb

problem was solved by setting csm on and everything switched to legacy

USB 3.0 не работает, подключайте флешку в USB 2.0 там все загружается нормально.

USB 3.0 отлично работает на этой материнской плате, OS с флешки грузится и работает. Смотрите настройки.

I did this (CSM on, switch everything to Legacy), and next boot it won’t even POST. I have to reset the CMOS to get back up. Note: this is an existing rig with 10 cards, was running fine with Windows 10. Motherboard BIOS is the most recent. It’s the only one that is giving me fits - 7 other rigs, mixed configs, were all fine. Anyone have any ideas?

hello sir, i already try to change the setting to CSM On, and Legacy, but i got kernel panic when booting to HiveOS, is there anything else ?