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Gigabyte Aorus RX 580 8g - low hash rate / high °C / high power consumption

Hi guys, I wonder how the other people with similar graphic card like this one is getting for 30mh/s with low power consumption and low temperature. Is this graphic card good for mining or not. I have tried to find any RX 580 8GB Hynix bios flash but there is none for this one. I tried once by myself and there is results:

Thank you for advice!

The graphic card info>

What are your card OC settings ? Usually to achieve above 30mhs on a RX580 you need to flash a modified bios to the card.
Also please remember that power consumed is incorrectly displayed for this card. You need to test actual power draw at the wall. Usually the card takes anywhere from 120-150W from the wall depending on the OC.

You can try my settings to see if they help, mind you I have bios modified all the cards.

The power draw for this system at the wall is about 1600W and the power displayed on the dashboard is wildly incorrect. According to HiveOS the total power consumed should only be about 950W

I did flash on bios to my card, and it was from another one (saphire 580rx), so my card stop working and my pc dont turn on, and somehow I reset to old bios and now everything is fine (long story)… Do you have any vbios (rom) for my card so I can flash to the right way? Thanks.

Search for Polaris Bios Editor, its a one click bios modifier for Polaris cards.

Save the bios for the card through HiveOS, open Polaris Bios Editor 1.7.3 (this is the one I used, there are a lot of versions out there), click on one click timing patch. Save the new bios and flash the card with the new bios. Save the old bios just in case something goes wrong.

this is before.

this is after VBIOS flash.

Should I go for more or stay on this? Btw you help me a lot I am just begginer, it works good now! Thank you my friend!

You can now try tweaking the OC settings. Your settings right now are matched to my card and memory.

Try pushing your mem clock higher. Go slowly. Try pushing it up by 10 each until it crashes. Then go back down 20 or 30 and see where your cards sweet spot is.

For AMD cards always stop the miner first. Apply the overclock and restart miner.

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Thank you for your advice, I appreciate really!

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