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Gigabyte 5700xt vbios settings problem


I have 3 x 5700xt GPUs, Two of them 5700xt Sapphire Nitro+, I bought mod bios from Amazon and these cards working stable on 57 mh/s

Last one is Gigabyte 5700 8GB RAM, and one day I forced to change for this modified Sapphire BIOS and… its works, stable for several days.

Right now, this card doesn’t work longer than several minutes, I had to lower mem to 700 and its working for several hrs with 46 mh/s…

I can’t back to their bios via HiveOS, it’s not possible (I don’t know why) the question is…

Is here someone who can modify this bios to standard 5700? or know solution how to back to standard 5700 BIOS?

Thanks for help

you can search in internet the stock bios and flash it. use force flash and it should work.

Yes, I found pack of them but when I trying one by one by HiveOS I received information that flashing is failed

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