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Gigabyte 3080 running fans 100%

I have two Gigabyte RTX3080 Vision cards in one rig (GPU0, GPU1), and they seem to be throttled by the fan.
ISSUE 1 - GPU0; won’t go above 87Mh/s regardless of the settings.
ISSUE 2 - GPU1; I’m happy with the hash rate, but the fan is running at 100%.

For both GPUs, the fans run at 100% even though the temperatures are very low.
While both GPU0 and GPU1 are the same card, their hash rate is significantly different.

If I specify a fan speed, then the hash rate drops. It’s like the fan speed throttles the card.

For reference, GPU2 is behaving normally with fan at a reasonable speed and good hash rate.

Any thoughts on how I can get a handle on the fan speeds?

gigabyte eagle by chance?

I’m having similar issues and i haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

one thing i am noticing, is that the reported temp seems to be core temp. not memory temp. I think it’s overly aggressive on throttling back when the memory temp gets too high.It would be nice if HiveOS showed all temps the card is capable of reporting.

Thermal Memory Problem… you are going to kill the memory of the cards!!

Gigabyte is shit cards for mining. I have 3080 Eagle OS. You need to replace thermalpads and say bye to your warranty(

i have the same issue
i have brand new 3080 and it’s very sensible ot the outside temperature, you have to set fan at 100% anf keep your room cool

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