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Gigabyte 3070 OC Hashrate Keeps Dropping

I’m new to mining but I was wondering what I could do to resolve this issue. I just installed my Gigabyte 3070 OC 8GB and the hashrate started out at 60 but over the past 30 minutes has consistently dropped down. On top of that, the temp is significantly higher compared to my EVGA 3070 FTW3 Ultras. I know the EVGA is better with fans but is the temp difference that much more? Any feedback to resolve the dropping hashrate and get it back to 60+ is much appreciated. Thank you!

whats the PSU you are using ? also why dont you use absolute numbers for core clocks. its better.

Your cards limited with power limit. I assume that you dont use auto fan. Please anable auto fan and also try absolute core clock.

core 1060
mem 2400
Pl 0

It will give you about 61.58 MH with lower power consumption.
Lower power consumption = lower temp

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