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Gigabyte 3060ti Low Hash and crashing


I have tried everything to get this card stable,riser ,cable,updates done hive has been replaced but still no luck I am running core - 1050 and mem at -1250 only hashing @ 47mh and still now and again going back to 15mh and fan error.
Also tried all miners so all of them giving me the same problems.

The card is running on Hynix memory is this the problem I am not sure what else could be the problem?

1050 is way too low core for a 3060 ti to get full hashrate.

fine tune each card, find the highest stable mem clock, then find the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate


I set core clock too 1380 but as soon as I increase the memory from -1200 the card starts crashing the rest of the cards ryn perfectly its just the 3060ti that keeps restarting the system about every hour.

some cards wont oc that high

I send the card back in for testing card found faulty and has been replaced.

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