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Gigabyte 3060 - Issues with NBMiner 42.0

NBMiner 42.0

This rig has 3 cards. 2 x 3080 LHR, and 1 x 3060 LHR. I just ran the most recent upgrade to 0.6-217@220523 to take advantage of the improved LHR stability in NBMiner ver 42. The 3080s are running great… no matter what settings I use, my 3060 will not go past 26MH. I reconfigured my flight sheet to use NBMiner 41.5 and the card is back up to 48+ MH.

Anyone else experiencing issues with NBMiner v42 and any other RTX 3060?

What driver/kernel? Can you post a screenshot of your clocks?

Currently using the following:

OS VERSION: 0.6-216@220523
DRIVERS: N 510.68.02
Kernel: 5.4.0-hiveos #140

OCs were the same for 41.5 and 42. I tried removing the Core settings while running 42, but no change.

You might want to try v42.1
cd /tmp && wget && tar -xvf NBMiner_42.1_Linux.tgz && cd NBMiner_Linux && miner stop && cp nbminer /hive/miners/nbminer/42.0 && miner start

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Thank you, the latest update included 42.1 and the issue is resolved.

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