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Gigabyte 2070 Super & 1660 Super OC settings advice

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to mining and have been building this rig and adding on over the last few months. I wanted some advice on the 2070 super cards and the fan speeds. I noticed that these go from 0% to 40-50% fan speeds. Any chance I could get some opinions on my OC settings and recommendations on how I could improve and sort the fan issues?

One of the cards gives me loads of invalid shares if I increase the core & mem so Ive decrease the settings but the other 1 seems fine, in fact I could push this to core 1200 and mem 2600 and not had any issues.

With the 1660s are the micron chips worse than the samsung? I cant seem to push this without constantly crashing.


are you running autofan?

Yes I’ve switched on auto fan

If you want a static fan speed turn off autofan and set a static fan speed

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