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Gigabyte 1660 super 23mh/s - low hashrate

What a model is your memory

Hynix memory

I can confirm my GTX 1660 MSI Super get 30.x MH/s from your setting. Thank you very much for sharing your overclock setting. Its my wife’s mining rig, she get Hynix, and get 23 MH/s before.

thanks from my deepest heart bro your info helps a lot
and pls can you also tell me which software u used to adjust your GPU settings?

This Settings works for me too … if someone have an issue that the 1660 Super with hynix mem not goes over 31 MH/s … just lift the PowerLimit … maybe use 80 Watt insted of 70 Watt


This card hase a nice smal PCB

GPU: Palit GeForce GTX 1660 StormX OC 6GB (Hynix)
FAN: 65%
CORE: -200
MEM: -1004
PL: 75 ( on some Cards you have to set it on 80 )

Thanks man

All MSI cards x6 running hynix -negative on memory * changed a few PL/s just to get equality and x5 running Micron * looks like some silicon lottery on two cards as no matter what I do settings they stay in that 29 bracket and I’ve had to send my 6th one back as it was DOA

Adding update > if you can get Micron units into a 35% - 38% range on temp then the MH/s seems to increase slightly … dunno if that would work for everyone but these MSI’s with Micron just dont like high temps

my gigabytes 1660 super run at the below table, mine runs best at column 3.

Adding one more to the list to try.

use -1002, will gain 2mhz with same timings. also, out of 4 identical cards, all need different core/power settings to achieve same result

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YOu need to go -1004 on the memory, that will get you 30 MHs

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Nice!! Thanks!!

My results

Guys any idea 1650 Super OC Settings ? trying to rvn mining

Which 1660S u guys using?
Does it matter?

What would atm be a good price?

Thank you so much

Still experimenting, but this is my setting

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I cant get the 1660 super with samsung memory higher than 28.3…im at 31.6with hynex memory. Any ideas?

hello to everyone,

here are my settings

Today I just added this MSI card and I m getting 27.4 Mh/s. Why it is not going on 30+?

Because it is Micron memory. You should use different memory clock settings.