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Gigabyte 1660 super 23mh/s - low hashrate

Hey everyone,
First of all, i wish everybody a Happy New Year and wishing 2021 will treat everyone better.
I have a Nvidia rig consist of x6 MSI 1660super and x2 Gigabyte 1660super. The MSIs are doing great averaging around 30mh/s, but my Gigabyte around 23mh/s.
Why is that?
I tried bumping up the memory to 2000 and it will only do 24mh/s on 80 power limit.
Any help will do. Thanks in advance!
Rig Specs + HiveOS
MSI 1660 Super Ventus OC - x6
Gigabyte 1660 Super - x2
SSD 120gb
ASRock H110 Pro BTC+
8gb Ram


Its the memory. My 1660 supers with hynix mem have low Mh/s as well. Im getting 24Mh/s with -250 core 2000 mem 75pl give that a try.

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0 / -1004 / 70


Hey Kush - to be honest you’re not alone :slight_smile:
I found MSI cards to be the best performing for my setup, then ASUS, then Gigabyte, Zotac so on.
I will now only buy MSI cards personally. They just do better. Why? Beats me - I always thought the card was the card and the brand (msi etc) was just a badge - but most definitely not!

Yeah i figured that it has something to do with the memory. My x2 Gigabyte 1660super, 1 is doing 30mh/s and the other is still at 23mh/s. Not sure to what is the reason

Yeah exactly. I suspect that it has something to do with the memory on both my Gigabyte cards. After i update to the latest os 0.6-192@210111, one of my gigabyte card is now doing 30mh/s but the other one is still at 23mh/s. I am just waiting to buy 3060ti since almost everywhere is sold in bundle as to being sold separately. Have you read about a cargo that consists all the 30series cards being stolen or abandon in China?

Are yours Gigabytes as well?

No - but if so - stolen for sure… haha I can see why!

Yep! Here is the link:

Not sure if it is fake news but oh well lol

Good luck to you all in 2021 btw!

Its because the card has Hynix memory in it.
The best memory is Samsung, then Micron, then Hynix last.
Hynix memory doesn’t like any overclocking at all and it will crash if oc to hard.
All you can basically do with them is to lower the power.

just found this out today. try running -1004 memory with hynix mem 1660 super. im getting 31mhs on them with underclocking the mem to -1004


Thanks for the share, I’m now in love with my hynix rig.

Hi… What miner are you using?

Thank you so much! You’re a genius!

I register just to thank you for this. I thought my 1660 super will be stucked at 23mh… Thanks for the tip

thanks for the tip, but why going lower it means more hash power ?

When i apply these settings I get only 17 mh/s
any ideas as to why?

What a model is your memory

Hynix memory