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Getting started: RX 580 poor hashrate

Hey guys,

New miner here. I’ve just set my RX 580 up on Win 10 with Phoenixminer and I’m getting some variable and poor hash rates. From what I’ve seen it’s capable of up to 27.5 MH/s, but I’m peaking at 9.5 MH/s. It’s pretty variable, but that’s what it maxes out with.

I’ve had a look around and it looks like all I can really do to optimise it is set the clKernel parameter to 2 for the later AMD cards.

PhoenixMiner.exe -epool %POOL_URL% -ewal %WALLET%.%WORKER_NAME% -epsw x -clKernel 2

Could anyone suggest things to look into to fix this please?


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