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Getting no temp message on 3060ti

The last 2 days I’ve been getting Error No Temp on 1 of my cards. 3060ti LHR

I Have a rig setup of 1 3090 and 10 3060ti’s and it’s just this one card that is the issue. I’m using LOLMiner 1.46a.

Overclock settings are
3090 Core 1100 Mem 1600 PL 370
3060ti Core 1500 Mem 1800 PL 0

I’m Mining ETH-TON. These settings worked on 1.43 and briefly on 1.46 then SPLAT! Issues going forward.

When I click the NO TEMP message, all cards show a temp. So I’m stumped.

Any help is appreciated.

Reduce memory clocks and reboot, if your 3060ti is a Hynix memory model id start with that card.

Been playing with settings a LOT. I have to lower the overclock a LOT with this card, compared to the others. Is it possible the card is damaged? I plugged it into my PC, tested it and everything is good.

Yes it’s Hynix

Some Hynix 60tis don’t like more than 1500 on the mem. Just the luck of the draw

What about the Core?

Core at 1500 is fine.

Still testing but so far these are power/hash numbers that I like:

Please stop using the power limit. Just remove it completely and leave it for 1 GPU Windows miners :slight_smile:

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