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Getting GA102 [GeForce RTX 3080] after adding the 12th GPU

Hi guys,

I’m getting the “error” GA102 [GeForce RTX 3080] when I try to add the 12th GPU on my rig:

MB → Asus Z490-P
RAM → 8 gb
OS version → [email protected]
DRIVERS → 470.86
POWER SUPPLY → 3x Corsair 1000W

2x M.2 PCIE adapter (full)
1x 1 to 4 PCIE splitter (full)
1x 1 to 4 PCIE splitter (1 card connected)

11 GPUs connected

Both the splitter works fine and if I use them alone with 8 GPUs plugged in they work

The problem begins when I add 2 USB to the second 1 to 4 splitter

I thought it was a power problem so I unplugged 1 card connected to the same power supply connected to MB and I powered the motherboard with two 8 pin cable (8 pin + 4 pin) but it started reading only 7 GPUS (don’t tell me why!?)

Have you ever had the same problem?

I see MB like mine with 15/18 cards connected and I can’t figure it out.

I’ve tried all the BIOS settings found in this forum (PCie SPEED, 4G decoding, etc.)


splitters with certain cards are hit or miss.

I’m trying to add 1 rtx 3080 and 1 gtx 1660 super

Should I change the card?

Hola, soy de Colombia, una posible solucion es ingresar a la board, en modo avanzado, luego en dispositivos incluidos y deshabilitan la conexion LAN, despues inserta una USB Wifi y configura HiveOS para conectarse desde wifi, asi podras añadir una GPU mas, puede escribirme al correo [email protected]