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Getting an error [error loading kernal for nvidia device [89]] .what to do with this

What oc do you have set and which gpus? Can you post a screenshot of your worker overview screen?

Does it crash if you try setting much lower clocks and rebooting?

Which gous?

also your miner version may be out of date, try running ‘selfupgrade’ in the shell first

It just work fine only with etc
Rest all showing same error with NB miner
Can you suggest best clock speed for this

Self upgrade completed

Not working after the self upgrade with low overclock settings

Did you reboot after setting lower OC? It’s possible that nbminer isnt updated to work with those cards, i dont have any to test with, you may need to use another miner thats been updated more recently.

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NB miner has been a problem for me as well lately… I’d go with any other miner besides NB (it’s picky on what it mines with)