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I mine through the NICEHASH POOL, at the moment I stand at a speed of 405\MH but the data received in the pool is much lower…
Is this normal?

how much lower? are you looking at the realtime hashrate or averages?

This is the differences - 405MH vs 365MH, what do you think about it?

thats not completely out of normal tolerance, if you look at the 24hr does it look a little closer?

have the miners rebooted/restarted at all? do they show any invalid or rejected shares?

The 24-hour average is the picture I uploaded.

There was no shutdown or restart during the last day…

The invalid or rejected shares were also not unusual (in the 0.5 area).

looks like the “6hr” is selected

does the 6 or 24hr show any different?

No, there is no difference, everything shows about 10% less in MH, which seems quite a lot to me…

I switched to another algorithm - OCTOPUS in NICEHASE, and again the same issue, the actual mining power is 800 MH and what is reported is almost 10% less,
In the 730MH area.


would be worth trying mining a coin directly on another pool to see if your poolside hashrate matches

I tried several types of Miner such as T_REX and G-MINER. and Rigel Miner solved the problem!
I hope it’s some kind of glitch and not malicious…

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rigel is one of the better miners for sure

Pools efficiency and stability can affect the accuracy of the hashrates. Also pools can report the average hash rate over specific rate. The reported hash rate is not always reflects real time fluctuation in mining speed.

I’m not sure you’re right…
If for a long time, the average of the MH is 20% lower, it can be concluded that there is a failure somewhere.