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Generic Wireless Dongles on HiveOS - RTL8814AU

While researching the fix for my wireless card and the ability to use it with HiveOS, I thought I would help the community. There are many posts where people purchase USB dongles for their mining rigs and fail to get them running, then scratch their heads. You CAN get your random dongle to work, it just takes a little more research. Allow me to explain:

I bought a wireless USB wireless dongle on amazon:

…but it did not work natively on HiveOS.

These generic wireless USB dongles are pretty generic, and you never really know if it will work natively on HiveOS or not. The trick is to figure out what chipset they utilize. After some research, I found this uses the Realtek RTL8814AU chipset.

After testing some drivers, I found:

  • The Linux driver that is included with this card did not work on HiveOS
  • aircrack-ng has a wonderful driver for the RTL8812 and RTL8814AU.

Using the following driver:

I am able to reliably get this little USB dongle to work by:
$ git clone
$ cd rtl8814au
$ make
$ make install

Here is a link to the RTL8812AU for those who have it:

…and a link to the RTL8188eus for search engine visibility:

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