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General troubleshooting in hiveos

After one year of HiveOS i want to contribute with the most important things i learned while getting issues and troubleshooting.

All crashes of hiveos has been related to drivers or overclocking.

A skilled user probably want to locate the issue and solve that. For me its easier to start over. Fresh install of hiveos with latest driver and NO overclocking. If i believe any GPU is the issue i start with 1 GPU. When stable, add 1 more GPU until everything is working or broken gpu/riser is found.

Easiest way to do fresh install is with the command hive-replace + URL from Like:
hive-replace -y[email protected]

Disable GUI on boot + enable Maintenance mode

Good luck and happy mining!

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I concur. The rare time I have an issue, OC is most frequently the cause.
For example: I have a mixed RX580 / RX570 rig where if one card drops, it reorders the GPUs and OC settings are now out of order and misapplied.

Better command to chose image from list, hive-replace --list

How do you enable maintenance mode?

Maintenance mode setting: click on the tools icon (Workers options icon) on the upper menu and then select Maintenance mode → Enable