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GeForce RTX3070 Sudden Hash Rate Drop / High Invalid Shares

Hello, everyone, good to be here.

This is my first post; i’m new to mining.
So, i started with 4 RTX3070 (2 Zotac Whites, 2 Founder’s Editions) and, after doing some research on the forum, i got some overclocking settings that work for me.

Every now and then i would get 1-2 invalid shares, but their rate was < 0.8%. This evening something strange happened, out of the blue. The cards started spitting out invalid shares one after another - so many that the the miner has actually triggered an alarm and the pool stopped accepting shares.

My setup is fairly simple… i know about the delay needed to get the card stable. Is there anything more i should know about this kind of incident?

I’ve read that some of you experienced this, and the reasons vary.

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