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Geforce rtx3060 + Radeon RX6600


I’m mining using t-rex to hiveon pool with only 1 GPU : NVIDIA geforce rtx3060

Just added another GPU : AMD radeon rx6600

The Radeon was not mining anything so I supposed it was because using t-rex
Changed the flight sheet to use PhoenixMiner instead.

Still the Radeon does not seem to mine anything.
I can see up and running it in the console, with temperature but using only 3 watts.

And I missing something?
Or is it simply impossible to mix AMD and NVIDIA on the same rig?

Changed to gminer, and both cards are working
Does not seem to work using phoenixminer…

Running T-Rex and Team Red Miner. You can “add” another miner in the flight sheet:

Image 12-17-21 at 3.04 PM

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Thanks, but how to choose which miner for which card?
The system chooses by itself?

Anyway, not sure t-rex better than gminer nor phoenixminer

Beauty of T-Rex&TRM combination, they ignore the GPUs they don’t support.

You get to run whatever you like, but this is the recommended list for HiveOS:

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