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GeForce RTX 3090 issue

I can add and remove cards and they work, but the last one always fails and is listed as a GA102 [GeForce RTX 3090] and does not hash, again if I drop it to 5 cards, the 4th card is listed as GA102, anyone have any ideas how to resolve this?

What model of motherboard u have? Change Gen at pcix settings…

I have set to auto, gen 1, gen 2, doesnt change anything.

Please post your HiveOS version - specifically the kernel version and your hardware. Like so:

Upgrade your Nvidia drivers firstly. Then, upgrade your OS version to the latest.
Try again.

The same problem only on two video cards!


I have same problem too. Any solutions?

Is it enough power on card? Try to remove all overclock and check after.

I solved this problem by reflashing GAMING BIOS that I took from another working suprim 3090. My Suprim 3090 is working now. I think that card’s GAMING BIOS was corrupted or not supported.

Same problem here! Any solution.
This happens when I add the 12th GPUs on my rig

MB Asus Z490-P

Helo guys.
Same for me with 4 rtx3090 cards.
A few days ago the rig crashed for some reason.
I flashed MB bios, now one card gets wrong ID - it was asus ,or msi instead of being zotac.
Any ideas ?

In order to get around this, I underclocked one of my 3090s and everything remains stable.

Wow, isn’t that huge overclocking ? 2750 ?

Been stable at these settings.

Hello and Help! i have the same issue, putting my 3erd rtx3090 and it says GA102 malfunction, how did you fixed?

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