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GeForce RTX 3080 10018 MB Gigabyte various hashrate

This is my first post.
I have 4 3080 cards and after a while they reach different mining values.

No all cards are the same but you should be getting 100MH easy, see the two cards are stuck at 217 and 215 watts of power that is keeping these cards at lower hashrate. You might want to check the core clock around 150 to 170 to see if it draws more power and get you better hashrate.

What brand are the cards?

Thank you very much for your advice.
I have Gigabyte cards. Unfortunately, it does not help much. I also stood a hdmi dummy, to do high definition monitor emulations. It doesn’t help.
Is it possible that 2 degrees of temperature in the room could be of importance in the case of these cards?

Changing parameters does not affect the increase in power consumption?

You are right a dummy HDMI will not help, this is because the core clock stays low hence keeping it from performing at peak. I had an MSI Gaming X trio which had the same issue. The only way i could get over 100MH was to overclock it in windows with MSI afterburner with 102% of power(this is the maximum on the stock bios) a 160 on the core and 1500 on the memory. That keeps the core clock high enough and use 235 watts of power to get 104MH.

In HiveOS it didn’t work regardless of what i did it would not go past 209/210 watts and the best i would get was 89MH. After i flashed it with Asus Strix OC bios i works nicely and stable at 103MH but the power draw reporting is not correct. It shows 315 watts but actually is using 230is watts.

You can read through my post here MSI GAMING X TRIO 3080 trouble with HiveOS - #3 by Raz

Gigabyte cards are notorious to have bad thermals on memory. Also it seems they will degrade pretty fast if pushed too far. After that they over heat alot (memory) and will need extreme cooling to keep high hashrates. So you need really cold envirnonment or replace thermal pads to get the performance back. If you see that your card is not getting upto power then it means you are thermal throttling and you are abusing/hurting cards. Get it fixed or lower memory clock and take in the lower hashrates. otherwise it might not last .

Thank you very much for your advice. I have contact with the person who exchanges thermal pads.
Do you know what thickness to use thermal pads, what paste? It may not be very complicated, but you need to know exactly what materials to use.

Hello, I’ve done it some days ago based on these video, it’s a bit stressful and I had to try 4x before it works, but now my card is better. It’s not amazing but better.
RedPanda Miner Video :
Another :
I realized they recommended 3mm pad but better results with 2.5mm

Hope this help, good luck :slight_smile:

u try follow my setting

Core 1100
Mem 2600
PSU 230

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