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GeForce RTX 3060 Ti non LHR Hynix Ram overclock mining ETH


if I try to overclock my 3060ti with the Hynix Ram so the rig crashes and I have to reset the settings.

Does anyone have any idea which settings are working well for eth?

As you can see, the GPU2 has a Samsung Ram, and it works ok.
The same settings for GPU 0,1,3 end in a crash

dont trip, the hynix ones u can get it up to a maximum of 58-59 mh/s. Hynix isnt as good as Samsung Memory. Also you can raise your samsung 3060ti memory clock to 2400.

settings should be
1350 core
1500-1600 memory

try these settings and let me know

core clock 50 , mem 1340, pl 140 57.33mh . Sigh I have 3 of these

Hello new to mining and I am running into some issues here. I have tried every overclocking I can find. I have 8 Geforce rtx 3060 Ti Hynix cards. I am trying to get the hash rate similar to what I see you guys posting. Currently I can only get just above 30 mh per card. Is there an issue with the card being locked? Looking for any help I can get. Thanks

Here is my OC Hynix 3060 Ti gives me 60+MH using NBMiner 42.2

Hope this helps someone or they can post something better!

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