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GeForce RTX 3060 Ti LHR 8192 MB overclocking

Hi all
Have setup gpu 0 and some adjustment
highest ive got i looked at other card post but mine is samsung mem
here is my highest so far could i improve it more ?

=== GPU 0, 10:00.0 GeForce RTX 3060 Ti LHR 8192 MB ===
Bios, PCIE Link Gen 3, PCIE Link Width 1x
UUID GPU-937b6218-e6b6-6367-3957-e15300408a58, ROM flash: Supported
Power Limit: Min 100.0 W, Default 240.0 W, Max 250.0 W, Current 165.0 W
Frequency: GFXCore 1380 MHz, MEMCore 7700 MHz
Memory: Total 8192 MB, Used 3997 MB, Free 4194 MB, Samsung GDDR6
Utilization: GPU 51 %, MEM 62 %, Throttle: None
PSTATE P2, PWR 132.4 W, Temp 62 °C, Fan 65 %, RPM 1603, RPM 1604

I have got over 71 now
panik over

If you increase the memory and core does it increase hashrate? If not, there’s no improvements to be had

So far ive jumped up 20units per set on both same time
ended up here is temp ok or defo not ?

60c is fine, plug your numbers into a profit calculator with your power rate plugged in and find the sweet spot where you make the most profits now. Or if you have free power you can turn it all the way up.

i get lost trying to work out amounts on there sites
heres latest getting high

To maintain max profitability, you need to understand how much you’re making, and how much you’re spending on power

yes i think
heres latest should i stop now

29.03 to30.00
as for profit i dont need to add amount i paid for rig ?
extra 1.00MH cost 35W

dont look to good at present watts
i am due to add 1 or 2 more gpu as i find them
that hash rate is the fixed 1 uptop average mh/s is some times alot higher

I think you’re missing a decimal with your power number. And it would probably make more sense to go back to 29mh at 140w if your power costs are 14 cents/kwh.

i got dollar should be cents

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