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GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Invalid Shares need help

Hi im New to mining and i got a RTX 3080 fe and a 3060 TI setup but since i set them up i have been getting alot of invalid shares with only the 3060. i have tried changing the oc to a bunch of different settings. i might of reduced it but there are still alot of them… any advice on what i should do? im mining ETH with ethermine.

Are you using a locked core clock? As low as gets full hashrate? If not start there. Then reduce memory until no invalids/rejects.

im not sure, im pretty new. how do i use a locked core clock? im getting 60 mh so about full hashrate

values above 500 in the core clock field are treated as locked core clocks, values below 500 are treated as offsets to the core clock. find the lowest core clock that gets full hashrate.

im running at -502 core 125 pl 2500 starting mem reduced to 2000 looking for less invalid shares but it seems no matter what i change it to im alwas getting invalid shares. i checked the forums for other users with the same card and tried there core clocks and mems but still getting invalids shares. is this due to my card not being updated? or is my card broken?

Yeah switch to a locked core clock first, remove power limit and then if you have issues drop your memory clocks.

so if i set my core clock to lets say 600 ill be running a locked core clock?

gotcha i understand now.
i just need the lowest locked core clock while still getting my maximum Mhs thanks for the help im gonna try and find that sweet spot and hopefully will stop getting invalids now!

600 is too low, but yes, that would be a locked core clock if the gpu was able to run that low. 30 series are typically between 900-1500mhz, for nonlhr you want the lowest clock that maintains full hash as it will do it at the lowest power needed. 3060ti will be in the 1350-1400mhz core range typically.

thanks you for the help. im getting full hashrate no invalids now… what would you recommend i run my core mhz for 3080 fe? i was running it at 1300 but now i think i should run it higher?

I run my 3080 FE at 1080 core, 2400 mem, 90% fan speed.

so like i said, find the lowest locked clock that gets full hashrate at the highest mem thats stable. basically, if you can reduce your core clock without the hashrate dropping, youre too high, and if you can increase hashrate by going up on core clock, youre too low.

Invalid shares are from pushing memory to hard.

Some cards just don’t have as good of a mem setup.

My 3060ti LHR will start producing invalid shares with mem above 1600mhz
My 3070 Non-LHR will push 2866mhz on the Memory with no issue.

My 2070’s range from 2000-2666 on the mem

I’ve got RX Vega’s that range from 933mhz to 1044mhz on there HBM Memory

don’t just copy someone’s setting, start at something really low like 1333 then step up until you get an error, once you get an error step it back a bit and see if it’s still error free after a few days (if not drop it more) (it’s a similar idea for any OC work)

You can use other peoples OC’s as an idea of what Might happen but unless you feel out the stable clock your not doing it properly.

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