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GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER

I’m new in mining i read many tutorials.
Yesterday i started up my miner. I have problem with one card.
I’m mining ETH when miner starts it’s works on full power MH/s
After some time one card downs to 7MH/s from 31MH/s then after some time it will comes to 31MH/s again.
What is the problem?

Even with the same OC settings like on other cards


Have you tried increasing the PL? I have the same cards and some of them wont run unless they get 85 watt.

Yes, now it comes back to 31MH/s again.
What PL i should try ?

Most of my cards works at PL 75, but a few demands PL 85.

I will try thanks !

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Put 800 on each gpu’s core clock (it should change to absolute core clock), and remove the power limit (you shouldn’t need it). Retain -1004 on Memclock.

Then share the results here.


@Verbl-Kint now i have:

This is max for these cards?

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It seems your cards could still do better since your wattage is still under 80. Try putting in 850 on 1 card, 900 on another, 950 on the 3rd and 1000 on the 4th.

Whichever one gives you the best hashrate that’s what you copy to the others. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I’ve changed settings and i try phoenix miner now i have 31.60 on all cards.
Cheers !

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Core -250
RAM -1004
PL 70

31.82 to 31.90

yeah it’s better but on some cards with the same settings i have on half cards 31.82 and the other half 31.75. what i can do more or just leave it ?

I have some 1660 supers with Hynix memory that were running hot at around 63/64 and high power of 86 and 88 watts using -250 and -1004 memory setting. I matched the PL for them

I changed the two cards to +930 for the Core and left -1004 and now the watts on the cards are 73 and 75. Temps are now 45 and 55 degrees.

Huge difference that has made.

Now questio is this, changing the core from -250 to plus 930 does what in term of stressing the card limits? Ok temps and wtts have lowered significantly thats for sure.

Is it better to keep at -250 and have higher power and temps as maybe the GPU core is now runnin gbeyond spec etc?

Also, the 2 cards are running off a PCIE card with 4 USB connections… only using 2 of them off the x16 slot. Not sure if that is having a impact prior when using the usual -250 and -1004 settings… im not able to get the Watts down below 88/89 and 86 for these 2 cards… temps are higher than normal with 64 and 61 degrees in hiveos…

But just chaging the Core clock to +930 has made a huge difference as stated above… i just dont know what the long term affect of this change will be and if its really recomemnded…

Any insights would be appreciated as my other rig and 1660s work just fine with -250 and -1004 and a PL of 80 and are noght and tight with temps and actual watts of 79/80. Thay all have Hynix Memory also… They are all MSI VentusXS OC and Asus Tuf Dual cards, and one is a Asus Pheonix.

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I never fool around, always fans @ 100%. It’s alot easier just replacing fans than battling temp issues imo.

Instead of using an offset for the 1660 Super, lock your core clock to 1000 and you should see that the card runs cooler and takes less power.

TL;DR : Apply 1000 to core clock in your OC instead of -200

Setting the core clock to 930 means that you are setting your clock to be 930, no more, no less. When you set to -200, what you are doing is setting an offset. This means that if the core clock jumps up to 1400, it’s now running at 1200. If it jumps to 2000, it’s running at 1800. When you set an absolute, you fix the core clock, so it’s much better for the card and the power draw. Also, when setting an Absolute Core Clock, remove your Power Limit.

Thank you guys, i appreciate the guidance and info. This has made my rig more energy efficient and actually hashing a bit more.

The temps have lowered and power consumption too.

I appreciate it, sorry to have hijacked this thread, i did make my own :wink: Cheers

Try using T-rex and you will get more it is the best for nvidia cards

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