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GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER Overcloking

Hello I have 4 GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER Overcloking:

-Memory Clock at -1004
-Core Clock -150

And i am getting 31,76 MH, If i don’t care the consumtion of watts, there is a value that i can use to get more MH.?


You can check it at your own … fixed values + 50 at core and see… +100 at memory side and see if something changes… don t forget always stop miner before change any values at OC… apply changes and then restart miner…
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i think 31,7-31,8 is the max for 1660 super.

For Those who has Hynix Ram on 1660s
You should try this.

Hey. Ive got 3 1660 super samsung mining on ethash, hiveospool, trexminer

Set my core at 1100. Mem 2200 PL 71
Been running stable for 24hours plus

Any advice?

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Hi, there! Some updates on your OC-ings? Still struggling with my 1660’s. Not able to go further than 31.5

31.5 is pretty good. What kind of Vram memory do you GPUs have?

Hi. This is complete config:

Micron memory.

If you’re getting 31.5 with micron that really great. The most I get with my two is about 30.

Yeah… I was tried go further, achieved over 32. But rigs crashes 3-4 times/day. So, slowly go back to that.

1050 core 1800 mem 31,20 mh msı gaming x 1660 super micron %55 42C

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Uploading: Hive.PNG…

Esta bien esta configuracion ???

PL 90

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your configuration is ok…

MAXIMUM achieved…

x9 1660 Super Samsung memories
-150 core
1700 mem

It has only been up for an hour with these configs but ive seen others go +2200 so i think it will hold up well

zotac looks good… running on which miner?

I think Samsung memory is rocks :slight_smile:
I have two 1660s with Samsung memory

GPU0: Inno3D Twin x2
GPU1: MSI Ventus XS

They worked like that for 36 hours stable. (E: > 500)

But my MSI Ventus XS 1660s Hynix memory is stable at 31.8 only at ~72W :frowning: