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GeForce 2060 crashing? HiveOS problem?

So I’m having this problem since the very beggining, sometimes I’ve got it running for almost a day without issues, but suddenly this drops happen, and they are reflected on my nanopool avg.
The card is a ROG Strix 2060 AE, which at restart shows everything just fine, but after a couple minutes, consumption and fans speed dissapear. Yet the hashrate doesn’t drop, except when it goes down to 0.

The other card I have is a XFX 580, and works flawlessly.

Things I’ve tried so far:
-Riser (tried mining ONLY with 2060 plugged, same effect)
-Different PSU (now using a Seasonic M12 II 750w)
-Windows mining prior to build this rig was working PERFECT with no drops at all)
-Downgrading Nvidia drivers
-Downgrading HiveOS
-Changed boot device (now using a 3.0 USB)
-Tweaked BIOS
-Tried different miners (Gminer, Phoenix, t-rex)

Both the pool and the wallet work just fine, the 580 has no issues at all.

ANY suggestions?

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