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Gaming motherboard or normal motherboard can mining?

Hi , wonder if using gaming motherboard with 6 pcie or normal motherboard with multiple pcie able to run hiveos mining ? What the difference mining motherboard and non mining motherboard ?

Ddr2 mobo 4gb ram here💪 ma bro.

So normal motherboard with multiple pcie also can use for mining ?

I am running a 7 PCI gaming board in one of my miners, an old ASUS Z87 Deluxe, as in old year 2013 BIOS etc.

You will need to disable a ton of the onboard accessories to free up PCI resources and avoid other issues with drivers, etc. Chipset limits in these sorts of builds. Be selective.

Mine maxes out at 6 Risers while still running the onboard GPU.

Ok ~ thanks for advise

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