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Galax RTX 3080 Ti Eth Settings and guide

Hello Everyone,
Recently i bought two Galax RTX 3080 TI SG gpu. I am using Hiveos as well as i tried many vbios, oc settings, different miner as per other guidance and youtube videos, but i am not able to get 90-Mhs. I am stuck with 83 Mhs. Please help me and guide me what changes should i make in details like

  1. miner with miner miner conf setup as well as version
  2. Nvidia driver version
  3. vbios version if needed (even if it need other vbios)
  4. oc settings with clock, memory and power settings.

please help me i am making huge loss. Any-kind of help and guidance will appreciated. Thank You in advance.

T-Rex miner

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I have a unit Galax 3080ti as well. After updated recently 100% LHR unlock. I can 100Mh/s only. But my others brands of GPUs 3080ti can get 120Mh/s. Galax seller said window OS can get 120Mh/s is this true? Can Hiveos developer looking on it?

I have same issue with other brand - Gainword… I got it fixed by upload another bios.
I used EVGA bios… as some manufacturer limit the power usage on their cards

what is power consumption after you flashed your gainward 3080ti by EVGA bios?

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