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Galax GTX 1050 TI EX OC 4GB x 12 GPU Rig Not able to Mine x16r and Beam

I am trying to mine x16r and beam with nicehash but having errors again and again my rig is not stable my config. is i am using hiveos Ver. [email protected] with nvidia driver Ver. 418.56 and ccminer, gminer. plz giude me.

please post your miner config OC settings screenshots @hayatullakhan

ccminery-enemy - it’s not the best choice

Use T-Rex or CryptoDredge for x16r

Hardware problems with GPU6 and GPU9

попробуй ETH для этих карт.

Turn off watchdog
check power connectors
check cards are properly installed on riser

the best and worst thing to troubleshoot is, connect card1, run miner works fine for 5 min, then shutdown , connect second card then run miner for 5 min, then shutdown and keep doing it card by card

it is a long process and annoying and waste of time, but you have to do it if u have the time

У меня работает нормально сам пере запускается и стартует

нанопул ETH

У меня есть манета BSD.
Установил полетный лист.

Только он не работает, ни чего не добывает, выдает ошибка.
Как настроить???

I Replace all 12 risers know rig is stable on ETH and Beam but still having the same Problem with X16R Algo.

почему не копается манета