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Gainward GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Ghost 8GB

Hello guys.I’m new on this domain and I need some help from you.
I have 1x Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti that is mining 33 MHs/s. Does anyone know what to do to reach 60 MHs. Please can someone help me?

sorry that i am the one to tell you but you cant. i presume you got this card fresh from the store right? I guess on the box somewhere its writte LHR. this means its limited for mining. the best you can do is 40+ with lolminer . or you have to mine other coins , not ETH or ETH based.

I read everything in the box, but I can’t find anything about being LHR it’s been 3 days since I bought my card.

can a biosmod solve my problem?

It should be on the box labeled. anyway i dont think you can do anything. try with lolminer and OC settings and see how much you get.

Thanks my friend

do you have anywhere in serial number label V.2 ?
thats “hidden” LHR meaning

and by the way ALL new gpu releases for 30xx are LHR, no matter its written or not

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