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Previous to install the vbios for two pny GeForce 3060Ti I downloaded the original vbios and save it. I tried to re install one rom and the old one but without success. Did I fu*** up? Solutions or threads that you know could help

Test the card by itself with know good cables and risers etc. does display output work?

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the display were working all right and the cables and riser. After many trys I could go back to original ROM VBIOS Version: 94.04.6B.00.F4
But I couldn’t put the vbops, I don’t get why because they are the same graphics card. I’ll try to high my Hashrate with an older nvidia driver or another configuration because I need to disable SSL verification and that lower my hashrate

This vbios version … are your GPUs from PALIT ? I have four of them dual 3060ti that are presenting eth mining dropping to 20 MHs and now I have 8x ASUS 3060ti as GA104 [GeForce RTX 3060 Ti LHR] .

Definetelly these drivers have something very bad. Got back to 510.68.02 and it got worst as 4x old and stable 1660ti are now as TU116 [GeForce GTX 1660 Ti] .

Your problem is OC related. Not bios. Lower the oc each crash until they are stable.

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