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Hi all,
So I have tried literally everything and I just cannot get any further than this.
I’m using the Asus B250 Mining Expert.
With regards to the BIOS, I have only changed a couple of settings…

Igpu on.
Gen 1 on the pcie slots.

I’m only running 2 cards at the moment, and weirdly I just can’t seem to get any luck with any of my risers plugged into the PCE16 slot. I currently have the 2 plugged into 2 of the pcie 1 lane slots.

I have attached a photo of where I get to in the boot sequence. It ALWAYS freezes here.

I just need to get to the login screen for the first registration, then I should hopefully be good.

Many thanks in advance for anyone that might be able to help me.
Kind regards,

Disable audio chip onboard!!!