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Freezing rig

My rig keeps freezing around 2 minutes after startup before it can even stabilise and also appears offline when I boot it up so have to manually type hello.

Can anyone advise a fix, I’ve already disabled watchdog on HIVEOS so don’t really understand what it means. Running 1 single 5700xt on this rig atm to ensure it’s not a PSU capacity issue.

Hi Tranerich,
I see your eth0 interface is down and wlan0 is connected.
are you running off just WiFi with no network cable?

Yeah just a USB adapter

Gotcha, Is this like a “it was working on Hive before and now it’s not” kinda thing, or is this a new install?

you probably already know this but linux kernels (what hiveos in based on) and wireless adapters work together about as well as toasters and bathtubs. if at all possible i recommend running a hard eth cable.

also a hard cable will always have less latency then wireless, so the possibly of stale shares is reduced.

Not to say it isn’t possible though

if your not already you can try running the “wifi” command in the client before running “hello”

more details here…

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