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Folding at Home dual mining with T-Rex

I have set up to dual mine technically, though I am getting no coin for the Folding. Anyway, I have had a bear of a time getting it set up. I have the following in the CUDA section of the Folding setup miner section:

<slot id='3' type='GPU'>
<pci-bus v='5'/>
<pci-slot v='0'/>
<cuda-index v='0'/>

<slot id='4' type='GPU'>
<pci-bus v='6'/>
<pci-slot v='0'/>
<cuda-index v='0'/>

I am having 2 problems. One, if I move Folding first in the list then T-Rex will hang. 2, F@H is not reporting progress in the web page. I can see it running and I see that the card is heating up but the 2 card slots are just not there.

So, Any ideas? I did go in and use the nVidia utility to see the cards slots and all so the PCI bus is definitely correct. My problem is with the coding. I can’t. At all. LOL I slapped that stuff up there together in only about 4 hours. lol And that only kinda works.


Edit: the code didn’t show up, now it does heheheh

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