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Flux Profit Difference

Hello all,

I have a rig of 12 gpus 3070 mining flux, but i compare the pool and whattomine i am getting a difference in profit i am using 2miners pool, any ideas why .

Thank you

Mine for 24 hours and check again

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Its being 3 days now

Might try another pool then and compare. Have you looked at your actual rewards instead of the estimate?

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Yes i have looked i must get 3 flux per day but getting only 2

AFAIK 2miners don’t pay Flux’s Parallel Assets ¶. Whattomine (and other pools) calculate and include PA in their payouts. I would switch to another pool that doesn’t keep the PA for themselves.

I would never rely on whattomine entirely. Its been wrong so many times. I rather just mine and test different coins and pools.

It’s accurate if you use your own numbers and pay attention to the sample period

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