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Fluctuation in Earnings a day or Week

Why is there such a big fluctuation in Daily and Weekly estimated earnings/ amount of eth?

On daytimes its low and on nighttimes its high.
I have worker with 4x RTX 3070.
Daytimes it says something like 16 USD a Day.
Nighttimes it says simething like 26 USD a Day.

WTF? Why does this go up and down every day and night?

I am mining for 3 weeks now and this is the same all the time.

Eth price is not steady…

It’s also the amount of eth. Not only the earning.

Right now (00:30 am) it says 0,01784 eth per day.
Yesterday on daytime (02:00 pm) it said something like 0,01138 eth per day.
But the hash rate are 99,99 % stable at 246 MH/s.
how can this be?

Read about block rewards and difficulty of blockchain…

Hmmm thx but this does not help me. I know some stuff about block rewards and difficulty. And these don’t fluctuate so often. Sometimes, I refresh 5 minutes later and it’s very different again.

I think the web page does not calculate it good.
I would expect an “estimated 24h earning” to be calculated by the last days and be an avarage of those days.
but it’s more like an avarage of the last hours or even minutes sometimes. Which, in my opinion, makes no sense.

But I can live with that. I was just curious :slight_smile:
thank you anyways!

block rewards change with the amount of activity on the network, more transactions, higher gas fees, higher mining rewards.

the more people that jump on the network mining, reduces everyone elses income. 6 months ago, most i got in a day was 1.2 eth, now down to 1/6 of that, so yeah, they do fluctuate quite a bit.