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Flightsheet wallet's address change

Hello, what will happen if i change flightsheet’s wallet address? Currently i am mining on hiveon pool.

I’m very curious about this as well. I was about to reach threshold of .1 ETH and changed wallet from coinbase pro to trust wallet. After updating, my unpaid balance showed up (exciting) on my sheet, I then waited all night until payout time (1:33am?) and my trust wallet balance didn’t change, and my unpaid balance is still the on hive.

You can not change it last minute and wait for payment. Payment will go to the address with which you mined it. So this 0.1 will go to the old address and then you should change to the new address and mine with it.

Coinbase changes addresses. Im not even sure how to find the old wallet address now. Yo, big shout out to you btw for responding so fast.

Actually I notice a deposit to my old wallet address that I didn’t make, so that might be it. But I can’t figure out why I have a balance of .2 ETH sitting there with the new wallet address.

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