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Flightsheet setup dual mining

Hello. I am a beginer so forgive me if i ask stupid questions :slight_smile:
I have 5 mining gpus on 3 motherboards and 3 miners.
First motherboard has 3x8gb cards mining eth on hiveon pool on phoenix miner
Second motherboard has 1 4gb card mining eth on hiveon pool on lolminer zombie mode
Third motherboard has 14gb card mining rvn on nanopool on teamreadminer

I just figured out that there is souch thing as dual mining. I have binance profile and ziliqua wallet.

Can anyone help me get phoenixminer,lolminer,teamredminer to setup a flightsheets to mine eth+zil and rvn+zill

Best wishes

take a look at Dual mining ETH + ZIL wallet settings with hiveon

Well i think i managed to get lolminer working.
Can anyone here provide us with same screenshot on phoenixminer settings please :slight_smile:

For folks that will try settings that i provided… If you are mining with 8gb card(or 4gb that requires different setings.than mine) remove that zombie mode line. And ofcourse replace mine wallet adress with yours :slight_smile:

I suggest editing out your wallet address from this post to protect yourself :+1:t3:

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Thanks for advide. I have deleted my wallet. Honestly i did not eaven know that posting my wallet adres could be harmfull.

For beginer folks(like me) who might find usefull those settings i provided in pictures…keep in ming where to enter your eth and where ziliqua wallet adress. 0x begining wallet is your ETH and zil begingng wallet is ziliqua.

Anyode made somehow phoenixminer and t-rex to mine eth on hiveon pool and ziliqa on ezil pool?

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