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Flight sheet

i have rig miner,my config is for ETH and i need chenged to config to LTC an crate flight sheet, hellp me for crate flight sheet :confused:

Ltc is asic mined. You need to pick a gpu mineable coin if you have a gpu

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In your opinion, what coin should I deposit for mining by rig?

It changes day to day, hour by hour. Use whattomine or similar profit calculator websites and plug in your hashrates for each algo and your power draw, and it will tell you what’s profitable or not

I need a suitable configuration to make a suitable flight sheet for Ethereum classic mining. I can’t set the appropriate fl sheet. My cards are msi 2060super. Please help me

It’s all multiple choice, which specific part are you stuck on?

Select miner and setup miner config

Select a miner that can use your card, the ones in the drop down list what hardware they can use. You shouldn’t need to manually configure anything if you pick one of the ones that show in the first list.

amire napisi mi poruku na moj mejl, [email protected] veliki pozdrav

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