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Flight sheet for Dual mining non Ethash algos

Can you please fix the Flight Sheet configurator so we can properly setup Dual mining all possible algo combos (not just eth/etc + xxx) ?

If we choose ERGO as the first coin for example, the second coin remains “greyed out” and unselectable. It only gets enabled with ETH/ETC as the first coin. Nowadays there are numerous other viable combos, for example ERGO+KASPA with Gminer.

I am only able to make it work via manually adding extra config parameters in the given miner, but then other “bugs” appear (because the second algo is not “natively” supported by HiveOS). For example, with Gminer and ERGO+KASPA, I don’t get to see the KASPA stats.

Please enable proper Dual Mining support for all algos. Thanks a lot!

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Please email [email protected] with the feature request(s) so it can be properly documented and assigned to the respective team :slightly_smiling_face:

I have sent an email to brain, because I thought I was supposed to send it there :smiling_face:
I guess I will just forward to bee then! :hugs:

Brain is fine as well :call_me_hand:t2:

I hope they fix it sooner or later…