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Flashing P104-100 to 8gb issue

Hi i am trying to flash a evga p104-100 4gb to 8gb but every time it try it says “Rom Flashing Fail” and when I click on it it says " Error remove write protect from Card"

Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?

first download this nvflash tools

for ASUS P104-100 4G to unlock the 8G the rom that working with my crads

for nvida not for ASUS

its will waring you , do it on your responsibility , my card working for last day only

the command used first need to disable protection using

nvtools --protectoff

at first then flash new rom with overide the vender and PCI but becafrefull may will dead your card

using -6 option to override

nvtool -6 file.rom

please check model your memory first and compare it with other company like MSI or Gigabyte check thay are using same memrory samsung/jmicron/hinex etc.
then use the 8G rom file of this.