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Flashing my rx580 8gb Memory error

Newb here with a question. I am trying to use polaris to flash my cards on hive and get this error.! Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? TY.


As you can see top right of the polaris editor , its not recognizing the memory. Did you buy this card new or you got it from somewhere second hand? which polaris version are you using? maybe its due to the version , try using older or newer.

yes new online. using polaris 1.7.5

use older. i think 1.3 or 1.4 are the best

tried 1.4 not sure the issue its driving me nuts lol

Try version 1.3.5 or smething like this. Are you sure you have the stock bios on? Maybe you can download your stock bios from internet and use polaris to mod it and then flash it on your card. But you need to be sure its the exact stock bios that your gpu had at first. You need to check for the same gpu maker the same gpu model and the same memory that your card has. Mine has samsung memory with a particular code.

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By the way your cards bios is alreay modded. I just saw it on your picture. If you check the frequencies and the straps on the right. These long strings are the same for the frequencies above 1500 mhz. So it has been modified already.

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