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Flashing 1660 OC GPU BIOS

Hi, I have flashed the bios on my card. It said it was missing one do I clicked download and flashed it with the downloaded bios. Since then the card has not worked. I ave found a stock one by searching the serial number in techpowerup and downloaded it - should this fix the problem?

As you can tell, I am a total noob so please be kind :slight_smile:

Firstly… you don’t need to flash 1660’s adding OC settings in Hive is really easy and simple…

Yeah try reflashing back but you should have saved the stock BIOS before flashing for just these types of issues

Yea total rookie error on my part, messing with things I have little understanding of!

I managed to get the card back up and running and have overclocked it to give a solid 26.59mh rate, using 74w of power and running at 51c so pretty happy with that.

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