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Flashed Sapphire Nitro Vega 64 Now Cant Post

Hello, I followed the guide on here for how to flash the Vega 64 with 56 Bios and the terminal showed complete and to reboot. When I did, I noticed my rig not coming online and after exploring further it will not even post. Remove the card and it boots to Hive no problem but with the card nothing. I swapped it to another PC that is running and same thing. I believe I used the correct 56 Bios for Sapphire 8gb card so I am not sure if the issue is that this card is not compatible with being flashed to 56 (didnt see any mention). I do have the original Bios, but since no computer will boot with this card in I am at a stand still. Does anyone have experience with this or know how to recover? I did find a video here that shows shorting the Bios allowed the card to boot and then he could flash it after. Not sure if the same would apply for the Vega 64.:

Any help at all is appreciated.

Thank you

if you’re still having a no post problem follow this guide:

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