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Flashed HiveOS on my SSD. SSD shows "HiveOS-install" as label

I flashed HiveOS on my SSD using Etcher on Win 10. Then I unplugged it from my laptop (I used a USB-SATA adapter) and plugged it back in.

The drive still didn’t show up. So I used disk manager to assign drive letters to every partition on the SSD that would accept drive letters (it allowed two drive letters).

The two partitions have labels of “HIVE-INSTALL” and “Local Disk”.

The root folder of HIVE-INSTALL contains two folders: .fseventsd and hive-config.stub as well as three files: flasher-config.txt, README.txt and RIG_ID_SEQUENCE.txt. I have explorer set to show hidden files so I know there are no others.

The root folder of Local Disk contains one folder: EFI.

So how do I go about copying the rig.conf file to the SSD?


There are detailed guides and instructions about copying the rig.conf file to the SSD. Look them up on YouTube. I’m sure you can find what you need. Well, or if you, like me, do not understand technology, you can simply contact a company engaged in repairing and configuring SSD and HDD. For example, I can advise SALVAGEDATA. The guys from this company helped me recover data from a broken hard drive very quickly. At the same time, they did it very quickly and efficiently. This is the only advice I can give you in your situation; if there are any more questions, it’s better to write to me in PM.

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